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Verizon Router Login (How to Change the Admin Password) FiOS

Verizon Router Login: You can easily log in to Verizon Router by accessing its web interface. The web interface of Verizon Router is acting as a control panel of your router, where all settings are stored and you are allowed to make changes you need in its settings by logging into the web interface. If you want to make changes to your Router network, you will need to log in to your Verizon Router.

Verizon Router Login
Verizon Router Login

Following are requirements to access the web interface of Verizon Router:

Accessing the Verizon web interface is very straightforward. To do this all you need is: 

  • A Verizon Router
  • Access to the network, via LAN cable or Wi-Fi
  • A web browser that you already have
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How to Login to Verizon Router:

Here are the steps to connect to the interface of your Verizon router for configuration and diagnostics:

Step 1: Make sure your device is connected to your Verizon Router:

To reach the setup pages of your Verizon router, you need to be connected to its network. You can connect your device to the Verizon router’s network using Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable. If you do not know the Wi-Fi password of your Verizon router, you can always connect it with an Ethernet cable that does not require a password.

Verizon router for configuration

Step 2: Open your Web browser:

Once you have successfully connected your device with Verizon Router, launch any web browser and IP address of your route on the browser’s address bar. is the most common IP for Verizon Router. If you can’t access that IP address then searches for the IP address of your specific router model in the list of Verizon IP addresses. Since you are already connected to your Verizon router, you can use the website to find the IP easily and quickly.

Open your Web browser

Step 3: Enter log in details:

If you entered the correct IP address you will now see the login page of Verizon Router on your screen. Enter your current username and password in the username and password field and click on enter or sign in. If you are not sure about the username or password, you can see the login credentials which are printed on the label on the back of your router. If you have already changed your router’s default login details and you can’t remember those details, you will need to reset your router. Doing so will restore your router’s default settings.

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How to configure Verizon Router:

Once you have logged into the Verizon router’s setup page, you will get various options for changing the settings of the router. Click on Wireless settings if you need to change your router’s default username (SSID) and Password. It will be more useful for you to connect the router to the active internet connection.

  • In order to set up the actual internet connection, you can click on the ‘My Network’ option.  In this section, you need to select the type of connection provided to you by your internet service provider. After selecting the connection type, enter the details correctly to start your internet connection.
  • You are also allowed to manage other settings such as firewall protection and parental control. Firewall protection helps to protect you from hackers by filtering internet traffic and it also helps you to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your device and stealing your information.
  • The Parental Control option helps you to restrict access to certain web pages that are not good for children. It also restricts your device from connecting to the internet connection. This option helps you to monitor the online activities of your children.

Steps to reset Verizon Router:

You may accidentally change some settings unexpectedly in the setup page of the router, after which your router will not work properly. If something like that happens, you don’t need to worry about it. You can easily retrieve your Verizon router’s default configuration by resetting your router to factory settings. Let’s see the steps to reset the Verizon router.

steps to reset the Verizon router
 steps to reset the Verizon router

Step 1: Every router has a reset button. So you need to locate the reset button of your router, which is usually at the backside of the device. 
Step 2: It is a tiny button so it is difficult to press it with your finger. So take a tiny object like a pin or needle to press the reset button and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds.
Step 3: The router will now start the reset process and give it about five to ten minutes to successfully complete the booting.

Final Words:

The Steps provided in this post will help you to access the login page of the Verizon router and configure its settings. You can access the login page of the Verizon router by downloading the ‘My Fios App’ on your smartphone and this app is available on the app stores of both Android and iPhones. 

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