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Technicolor Router Login Tc7200.d1 (Default Login - Username, Password)

Technicolor Router Login: Technicolor Router is one of the most reliable modems or routers available in the market. If you have recently bought a Technicolor router, you can easily connect your devices with that internet by simply following the instructions given in this post. 

Technicolor Router Login
Technicolor Router Login 

Here, we will guide you on how to login into Technicolor Router and how to configure your router settings to get all your devices connected to the internet.

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Default logins for technicolor:

IP Address Username Password admin password NO admin admin admin admin root NO user

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How to log in to Technicolor Router:

If you wish to enjoy everything which your internet has to offer, you first need to log in to your router and set up your device. First, you need to choose the perfect place for your router. It usually works best when placed in the center of the house. The router should be kept away from electronic devices that are not needed for your connection and kept away from hard walls. 

Let’s see the steps to log in to Technicolor Router:

Default IP for technicolor 39 % 26 % 22 % 13 %

Step 1: Connect your device with your Technicolor router:

  • Insert one side of the cord into one of the Ethernet ports on the back of your device and insert the other end into the Ethernet port on your computer. 

Step 2: Open any internet browsers:

  • Once your device was connected to the Technicolor router network, open any internet browser like internet explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox on your computer.

Step 3: Enter your router’s default IP address:

  • On the address bar of the browser, type your router’s default IP address which is printed on the sticker at the side of your router device. The usual IP address of the Technicolor router is, but your product may require something else. Try to access the login page of the Technicolor router by entering If this IP address does not take you to the login page, then check the sticker to know your router’s correct IP address.

Step 4: Enter log in details:

  • Once you access the login page of the Technicolor router, it will prompt you to enter your username and password. If you have your default login details, then enter those details on the page. Or else enter your router’s default username and password which are also printed on the sticker at the backside of your device.

How to Reset Technicolor Router:

For the good maintenance of the Technicolor router, it is important to know the difference between resetting and restarting the device. In addition, it helps you to avoid time-consuming calls for technical support. Restarting or resetting can resolve many problems such as no internet connection, low internet connection, and issues in log in to your router’s web interface.  Let’s see the steps to restart and reset the device. Rebooting a device is very simple, all you need to do is just turn it off and turn it on again. 

First, you need to turn off your router by pressing the power button on the device. Leave it for 30 seconds and then turn it on again by pressing the power button. Wait until the router becomes completely turn back before connecting it to the internet connection or logging into the router. If you are currently logged into the router through its web interface, you can perform rebooting without disconnecting it.

Click on the ‘status’ menu on the login page of the Technicolor Router. And select ‘Password’ from the submenu. You will see the ‘Reboot’ option under the ‘Reset Cable Modem’ option. Click on that ‘Reboot’ option. Once you click on that option, your router will turn off and after a few seconds it will automatically turn on again. You need to wait until the Router’s indicator lights turn back on and remain solid before logging on or using the internet and don’t refresh the page.

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Now, let’s see the procedure to reset the router:

If the rebooting of the device did not completely solve your issue, you can try to reset your router. The resetting of a router will remove all the changes you made in the settings of the router and return to the default settings of the router. If you have issues with login, then resetting the device will help you to resolve that issue easily. To reset your Technicolor Router, you need to just follow the below-given steps.

  • You need to first locate the reset hole on your router, which usually appeared on the backside of the device. 
  • It is a small hole where you can found the reset button. Press that reset button. 
  • You can’t press the reset button with your hand because it lies in the hole. So use a thin object to insert into the hole in order to press the button.
  • Hold it for nearly fifteen seconds. Release the reset button when you see the indicator light flash.
  • That’s all. The Technicolor router will be reset to its default settings when the device turns back on. 

Back up your current settings by clicking the ‘Backup / Restore option in the ‘Status’ menu on the login page before resetting your router. It will help you for future reference to configure your router.

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