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How To Login to a D-Link Router And Access

Dlink Router Login: Nowadays, most of us access high-speed broadband connections in homes and offices using wireless routers. In this generation, it is almost impossible to spend a day without these wireless routers. It has become one of the most important devices in our daily life. DLink is a router manufacturer that offers its user the most efficient and high-quality routers. In some cases, you may need to change the basic settings of these routers. For that, you need to access the web interface of your DLink router. 

How To Login to a D-Link Router
How To Login to a D-Link Router

The web interface of DLink Router is a control panel that allows you to store and change the settings of your router. If you wish to change your DLink router’s default settings, you will need to access the panel. You must know the default login credentials of the DLink Router to gain access to the web interface of the DLink Router. To login successfully, make sure you have Internet access through a LAN or Wi-Fi, a DLink Router, and an internet browser on your computer/smartphone.

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How To Login to a D-Link Router And Access:

  1. Connect your Computer / Smartphone with DLink Router:
  2. Enter your DLink Router’s IP address:
  3. Enter the details required to log in:
  4. Configure your router

Steps to login to DLink Router:

Step 1: Connect your Computer / Smartphone with DLink Router:

To access the setup page and change the configuration of the DLink Router, you must be stay connected with DLink Router Network. So, get started by connecting your Computer / Smartphone to the DLink Router with an Ethernet cable or wireless (Wi-Fi) connection

If you don’t know the password of your router’s Wi-Fi, then it is recommended to connect using an Ethernet cable that does not ask you to enter any password and establishes a direct network connection between your device and router.

Step 2: Enter your DLink Router’s IP address:

On your Computer/smartphone, open a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer or whichever browser you use to surfing on the internet. Then try to enter any of the following IP addresses on the URL bar at the top of the browser. One of these may be the IP address of your DLink Router. The Default IP addresses of DLink Routers are,, and

DLink Routers

You need to just type on the URL bar.  These IP addresses are called router gateway on technical terms. You can also find out the exact IP address of your router by reading the labels or stickers featured on the DLink Router.

Step 3: Enter the details required to log in:

Once the IP address leads you to the DLink Router login page, enter ‘admin’ in the field of username. Then you need to enter the default admin password of DLink Router in the field of password. After you enter the default login credentials of your DLink Router, your browser leads you to the administrator settings panel of your router.

If the setup page does not appear for the login details entered by you, then it may not be a valid IP address for your DLink Router’s model. If it is the case, find your router’s login information on the sticker on the backside of the router. Now, you have your DLink Router’s Username and password which are essential to complete DLink Router Login and to access the setup panel.

Step 4: Configure your router:

Once you have successfully logged into the admin panel of DLink, you can now change any settings available on your Router. You can prevent malicious intruders or hackers from entering your personal domain by using custom settings. 

                                     Entering your personal domain by using custom settings

Before making any changes, write down your DLink Router’s current settings. If things don’t go as you do, then you can easily restore the default settings of your Router.

How to change the default username and password of the DLink Router:

  • From the admin panel of the router, click on the ‘Wireless Settings’ option and then select ‘Manual Wireless Network Setup’.
  • To change a username, you need to select the ‘Wireless Network Name / SSID’ field and enter a new username or SSID as your preference.
  • If you want to change the password, locate the ‘Wireless Security Mode’ option by scroll down the Manual Wireless Network Setup page.
  • Once you found it, click on it and then choose the ‘Pre Shared Key’ section. Now, Type your new password for your Wi-Fi in the given field. The password should range from 8 to 63 characters consist of alphabets, numbers, and special characters.
  • Once you change your username as well as password, click on the ‘Save’ button to confirm it. 
  • Once you save the new settings, your router begins to reboot and all the currently connected to your router will be disconnected.

Final Words:

So these are the steps to log in to the DLink router and how to change the default username and password of the router. In addition to Username and password, you can change any settings like firewall protection, local network settings, parental protection, and more on your DLink Router.

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