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How to Log in to a Belkin Router (

Belkin Router Login: If you want to make changes in the configuration of your Belkin Router’s network to secure the network or make any changes in the settings of your router, you will need to first login to your Belkin Router admin panel or control panel.  

How to Log in to a Belkin Router

The Belkin router’s web interface works as an admin panel or control panel that allows you to see your entire router settings and let's change its entire configuration. 

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How To Login Belkin Router Login:

  1. Connect your device to an internet connection using the Belkin network.
  2. Go to IP address using a browser.
  3. Find your Belkin router IP address.

Steps to login to Belkin Router:

Follow the below-given steps to log in to the Belkin router and to access the admin panel of Belkin. The given steps are most probably common for all types of Belkin routers. 

Step 1: Connect your device to an internet connection using the Belkin network:

To access the admin panel of the Belkin router, you need to first connect your device with the Belkin router. First of all, you have to power on your Belkin Router and then connect its network with your computer using a LAN cable or Wi-Fi connection. If you don’t have any idea about the password to connect through Wi-Fi, you can connect using a cable that doesn’t require any password.

To do so, insert a LAN cable into a port on your computer and insert another end of the cable into a port on your router. If you wish to connect using Wi-Fi then locate the network under the available networks option on your computer, click on it to connect. Once you can successfully connect to the Belkin Router, you can now move to step.

Step 2: Go to IP address using a browser:

Open any web browser like Chrome, Firefox, UC browser, etc on your device, and then type on the address bar of that browser. is the default IP address of the Belkin Router. Once you enter that IP address on your browser, it will take you to the login page of Belkin Router. is the default IP address is the default IP address 

This IP address is most common for all Belkin routers. However, it may vary for some models of Belkin. If this IP address does not work for you, then try any of the following two IPs that are and

Step 3: Find your Belkin router IP address:

If none of the above-given IP addresses work for you, then you can find your Belkin Router model IP address using IP configuration. Follow the below-given steps to find out your router 

Belkin Router model IP address using IP configuration

IP address:

admin admin
admin password
admin blank
admin 1234
blank blank

  1. Click the start button or press the Windows key on your computer and then type ‘cmd’ in the search bar and then press enter.
  2. Now, the command prompt will open on your computer.
  3. Type ‘ipconfig’ in the command prompt and press enter button.
  4. Once press enter button, The command prompt will display your router’s IP address which is next to the default gateway. 
  5. You can use that IP address on your browser to access the login page of your Belkin Router.
  6. Enter default user name and password to log in

Belkin routers use the default login credentials to easily access the admin panel or setup pages. The most common default username of the Belkin router is ‘admin’ or ‘Admin’. Accordingly, the password might be admin, password, or blank. 

You can also found login credentials at the label that appeared on your router. If you have changed your router login details but you have forgotten it, you will need to reset your Belkin router to its default configuration.

Step 5: Configure Belkin router:

If you have entered the login details correctly, you should now be logged in to the router’s admin panel. In the control panel/admin panel, you can configure your router as per your wish or you can make some changes on settings, and also you are allowed to change your login details such as username and password. 

Before making any changes to your settings, make sure you have noted down the present settings of your Belkin router. And also note what changes you have made in its configuration. Doing so will be easier for you to restore the previous settings of your router if something goes wrong.

How to reset Belkin Router:

You may accidentally change some settings unexpectedly, after which your router will not work properly. If something like that happens, you don’t need to worry. You can any time return to the default configuration of the Belkin router by resetting your router to factory settings. Let’s see the steps to reset the Belkin router.

Step 1: First, you need to switch off your Belkin router but do not turn off the power.
Step 2: Locate the reset button of your router, which is usually at the backside of the device. 
Step 3: Press the reset button. It is a tiny button so it is difficult to press it with your finger. Try to use any pin to press the button and hold it for around 15 seconds.
Step 4: The router will now start the reset process and give it about five to ten minutes to successfully complete the booting.


So these are the steps of Belkin Router login and also you have learned how to reset the Belkin router. If you accidentally make some changes that break your Belkin home network, you can always return to zero by following the reset tricks.

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