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LOGO Details (Jio Admin Login ️Username & Password) Details: IP address is a default login IP that is reserved for wireless routers and modems. You can get access to the admin interface of your router by typing the number in the address bar of your browser. This is not only a standard IP address for routers. There are several IPs are available that were used to access your router control panel. You must have an internet-connected PC device, although it is presumably the situation if you have a router. Details Details

A laptop, smartphone, or computer is appropriate. Then you have to connect the PC device to your router. You should do this via an online Ethernet connection or with a Wi-Fi connection. Using the PC device linked to the router, you should log in to your Router at IP address. Using this IP address, you should access the admin router page. Here, we will see how to log in to Router and how to reset the password for the IP Address.

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How can you log in to Router at

Follow the below steps to configure the router at IP address. 

Step 1: You need to type in the address bar of your browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari are few examples of standard browsers. in the address bar 
Step 2: Now, you will be directed to the login page with 2 text fields for your admin.
login page with 2 text fields for your admin
Step 3:The most used default username and password for the IP is listed below.

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S.No Username Password
1 administrator Administrator
2 Admin Admin

Step 4:You have to enter the username and password joined with your router and then tap the login button of your device. 
Step 5:Now, you will see the router control panel of your device. 

Note: Remember you have toconnecttheWiFi to do this procedure.

How to reset the password for

Follow the steps to resetting the password for the IP address.

Step 1: If you forget the password or you want to change the password, you have to reset your modem to factory settings. 
Step 2: You should click on the reset button at the bottom or back of your modem. reset button
                                                    reset button

Step 3: You need to hold down this button for approximately 20 seconds, the modem will get restored to the factory settings.

Note: If you reset your modem then you will lose the internet connection of your device.

Router models that use as their default IP:

Address For Jio JMR540
AddressDefault Username For Jio JMR540admin
AddressDefault Password: For Jio JMR540admin

Address For AM Telecom AR5511
AddressDefault Username For AM Telecom AR5511admin
AddressDefault Password: For AM Telecom AR5511admin

Final Words:

In this article, you can get the complete details of login details. Using the above details, you can log in to your router at this IP address and reset a password for Here, we also listed the most used default username and password for this IP address. Still, you have doubts or queries regarding the login details, do leave your doubts or queries in the comment section below. Thank you.

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