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How to Install a Trendnet Wireless Router

In this modern world, we can’t live without technologies like Mobile Phones, Laptop especially Internet. At first internet connection was provided through broadband wire connection. But now the technologies are developed well and now we use the wireless internet. In this busiest world, we can’t do any personal or office works without the internet, Right? Big organizations or companies need a wide internet connection i.e. Router connection for their work. They need to connect lots of computers or laptops to the router. Here in this post, we are going to discuss the best Wireless Router called Trendnet Wireless Router and how to install it. TrendNet Wireless Router is one of the best offices and home routers currently in the market. 

How to Install a Trendnet Wireless Router
How to Install a Trendnet Wireless Router

It will provide very high-speed internet access and secure connection within your home and office. TrendNet is to build innovative, easy to use, and reliable Networks People Trust. The TrendNet router provides an access point to all local devices that can connect and provide safeguards to secure the network, preventing malicious users from spying on the data sent or received over the network. The installation process will be a little confusing sometimes for the people who are lacking the networking experience. But it is quite simple if you understanding the process. 

TrendNet Wireless Router:

The Big Organizations can use a Wireless TrendNet Router to connect together all of the wireless capabilities of computers and other devices in the office. Do you know what is the Router and how it works? Actually, A Router is a networking device that transfers data packets between computer networks. The router is connected to two or more data lines from different IP networks. If the data comes in on one of the lines, the router reads the information in the packet header to find the destination. Also, the most popular type of IP routers is home and small office routers. 

 Trendnet Wireless Router

In that way, the TrendNet Wireless Router is the best one for office purposes. You can easily install it and connect all your computers without the wire connection. It is very secure to use and provides very high-speed internet to the user. So, most of the Organizations or companies preferred the TrendNet Wireless Router only. Okay guys, Let’s see how to install TrendNet Wireless Router in your Home or Organization with simple steps. Please the steps to avoid the mistakes.

How to Install a TrendNet Wireless Router:

First, you need to disconnect your cable modem from an electrical outlet. 
  • Now, connect an Ethernet cable to the jack on the back of the modem and the WAN jack on the back of the Wireless Router.
  • Then connect the Ethernet cable into the jack of the router and connect the end of the other to the computer.
  • Connect the modem cable and TrendNet Wireless Router to an electric board. Now, Click the Turn ‘ON’ switch in the TrendNet Router device.
  • You should be confirming that the Power, LAN, WAN lights are in ON condition. Then the power light should be solid, the three LED’s should be flashing or blinking.
  • Now, Open a browser and type the IP address in the address bar. (
Browser To Type
Browser To Type
  • In that login page, use the Admin as the username and click OK to login to the router.
  • After opening, Click the “Network” option and “Select WAN setting”
  • From that Select “DHCP” option from the connection type in the drop-down menu and click “Apply”.
Install a Trendnet Wireless Router
Install a Trendnet Wireless Router
  • Then click the “Wireless” option and select “Basic” from that option. Also, enter one unique name for the network for wireless connection and click “Apply”.
  • Now, select the “Security” from the Wireless menu and Choose “WPA2-PSK” as the security model.
Trendnet Wireless Router
Install a Trendnet Wireless Router
  • Finally, enter a unique Passphrase (a combination of 8 to 63 alphanumeric characters or 64 Hexadecimal characters) into the Pre-shared key field.
Install a Trendnet Wireless Router
Install a Trendnet Wireless Router
  • Now, Click “Apply” to finish the setting up of TrendNet Wireless Router. 

How to add Password to the TrendNet Wireless Router: 

Each Router came with the administrative username and password by default. If you want to use a different password, you can change it. Let’s see how to add and change the password to the TrendNet Wireless Router.

  • First, Open a web browser and type in the address bar.
  • Now, enter the router’s current administrative username and password to log in to the Router page.
  • Click the “Wireless” option in the menu and then choose the “Security” option on the Wireless submenu.
  • Now, select your Wireless authentication type (WPA2)
  • Enter your new password for the router in the key 1 Field.
  • Finally, Click, “Apply” option to save the Password.

That’s it, guys. Now, you got clear about what is TrendNet Wireless Router and how to install it. This is the best wireless router so you can go for it without any hesitation. The connections are very secure and safe to use and it provides you high-speed internet facility. So, don’t hesitate to use it Guys. Please follow the above steps to install the TrendNet Wireless Router on your home or Organization. Stay in this blog guys for the recent updates about routers and how to install it and use it.