Default Router Passwords List (How to Login into My Router)

We are living in the modern era and enjoying the latest technologies like 4G, Wi-Fi, and Router, etc. We had both good and bad things with us. On One side technologies getting developed very well and other side criminal activities like hacking, data theft is also developed equally. So, we all need to protect our data's. For each and every activity, we need security passwords, Right? You just think about how many passwords you remember or how many passwords you forgot? Okay, Let's come to the main topic now. In this post, we will see the Default Router Username and Passwords. Do you know what is a Router? You may know guys.

Default Router Passwords
Default Router Passwords 
But I just give a small definition here. The router is a Physical or a Virtual appliance that passes information between two or more switched computer networks. Actually, Router is a common type of Gateway which is positioned where two or more networks meet at each point of presence on the internet. Router divided into two types Core Router and Edge Router. Core routers are mainly used in large organizations and edge routers are mainly used in home and small offices.

Default Router Passwords (Forgot my Password) :

We are all facing the common issue that “Forgot my Password” Right? Are you forgot your Router Password or Router Login details? Don’t worry guys. We can get the details through the router manufactures. First, you need to find your manufacturer name and then go for the username and passwords. Here, you can see the list of top and most used Router Manufacturers Username and Password below. Once you find your manufacturer Username and password, then follow the below steps to log in to your Router. You can also check for what is IP? What is a Router? How to protect Wi-Fi Password? How to Find Router IP? How to reset your Router? How to choose a Wireless Router? What is Etc.

How to Login into My Router?

How to Login into My Router
How to Login into My Router
  • First, you need to find and confirm your router manufacturer name.
  • Then, Open your Web Browser on your computer.
Default Router Passwords 
  • Enter your Router’s Default IP Address.
  • Now, type the Username and Password that you choose it on the table below.
Default Router Passwords
Default Router Passwords

How to Reset My Router Password?

You may ask can I reset my Router password. How to do it? Yes, you can reset your router password and it also safe too. You can change the password as per your wish and absolutely you don’t forget it. You can just be pressing down and hold down the reset button on your router for ten seconds. Now, you can reset or change your Router Password.The database which we are given above has regular updates because IT technologies not standing still, they always grow with a high speed, so there are new manufacturers, new IP addresses, new usernames, and passwords will come day by day.

How To rest My Router Password
How To rest My Router Password 

If the router login username and passwords are not working on your computer, there are two possible reasons. First, you can’t choose the correct model on site. We can’t help you with but we give one solution, you can reset your Router Username and Password. So, the resetting would back your default username and password of the router.

Default Router Passwords List:


IP Address



Asante SMCWBR14-GMIP Address:
Askey RT-N600IP Address:
Askey SmartBoxIP Address:
Askey SmartHub AWRT-300NIP Address:
Askey SmartHub AWRT-550NIP Address:
Askey SMC2304WBR-AGIP Address:
Asoka PW-RN401MIP Address:
Asoka PW-RN501DIP Address:''randomly generated''
Asoka Q22MIP Address:''randomly generated''
Asus 4G301IP Address:

Baudtec Vigor 2500VIP Address:
BCM CAS-200WIP Address:
BCM My Net WiFi Range ExtenderIP Address:
BEC Technologies 711CEIP Address:
BEC Technologies BiPAC 7402IP Address:
Beeline SMCWBR14-3GNIP Address:
Beetal 220x ADSL routerIP Address:
BelAir Networks BiPAC 8200NIP Address:
Belkin BR-6478GnIP Address:
Belkin F5D9630-4IP Address:
Call-Direct CG-WLAPGMHIP Address:
Call-Direct ControlPoint 2000IP Address:
Cameo WNR612IP Address:
Cameo WNR834IP Address:
Cameo WNR834BIP Address:
Cameo WNR854TIP Address:
Cameo WNRT-617IP Address:
Cameo WPG54GIP Address:
CastleNet AT-WR2304NIP Address:
CastleNet AW4042U-NIP Address:
CastleNet CG-BARPROGIP Address:
CastleNet CG814WG v2IP Address:
CD-R King DAP-1560IP Address:
Celeno WAP-200IP Address:
Celeno WAP2000IP Address:
Celleden MKE-3.28 3.28IP Address:
Cellvision CG814GCMRIP Address:
Cellvision WF-2404IP Address:
CenturyLink EW-2101IP Address:
Cerio DWL-810+IP Address:
Cirago P-2302RIP Address:
CISCO 2100 aka DPX2100IP Address:
CISCO 84cm Dish and Indoor UnitIP Address:
CISCO 857WIP Address:
CISCO 8742 (MW368R)IP Address:
CISCO AirLive N.PowerIP Address:
CISCO AP542IP Address:
CISCO DAP-1525IP Address:
CISCO DI-524UPIP Address:
CISCO DSL-600ERIP Address:
CISCO DSL-604TIP Address:
CISCO ELO WR100T (LNWR100T)IP Address:
CISCO EtherMaxIP Address:
CISCO ETR-9330IP Address:
CISCO MiFi2372IP Address:
CISCO MS-6809IP Address:
CISCO PW-3G401DIP Address:
CISCO RNX-EasyN4IP Address:
CISCO SMC2552WIP Address:
CISCO SMC2552W-G2IP Address:
CISCO SMC2555W-AGIP Address:
CISCO SMC2555W-AG2IP Address:
CISCO SMC2655WIP Address:
CISCO TD851WIP Address:

Compex WRT54G v4 2.4IP Address:
CompUSA 5200SRDIP Address:
CompUSA CG2003DIP Address:
Comtrend AR-5389IP Address:
Comtrend DAP-1150IP Address:
Comtrend DAP-1155IP Address:
Comtrend DAP-1155 1.00IP Address:
Comtrend DAP-1160IP Address:
Comtrend DAP-1260LIP Address:
Comtrend DAP-1320IP Address:
Comtrend NXA-WAP250GIP Address:
Comtrend OfficeConnect 3CRWE454G72IP Address:
Comtrend WAP-0003IP Address:
Contec GS110TPIP Address:
Contec GT701IP Address:
Corega CopperJet 812 5.15IP Address:
Corega CopperJet 813 5.15IP Address:
Corega CopperJet 817 5.15IP Address:
Corega CopperJet 820 5.15IP Address:
Corega CopperJet 821 5.15IP Address:
Corega CopperJet 822 5.15IP Address:
Corega CopperJet 823 5.15IP Address:
Corega CopperJet 824 5.15IP Address:
Corsair WAP 4000IP Address:
Cradlepoint DAP-1350IP Address:
Cradlepoint DAP-1353IP Address:
Cradlepoint DAP-1360IP Address:
Cradlepoint JHR-N926RIP Address:
Cradlepoint MN-700IP Address:
Cradlepoint MNWAPBIP Address:
Cradlepoint MNWAPGRIP Address:
Cradlepoint MP 171 1IP Address:
Cradlepoint MP 2001SP MP 2501SP 1.00IP Address:
Cradlepoint PTI-7011NIP Address:
Cradlepoint PTI-8511NIP Address:
CREATIVE DAP-1533IP Address:
CREATIVE DAP-1555IP Address:
Cyberoam D302IP Address:
Cyberoam D6200IP Address:
Cyberoam D6300IP Address:

D-Link DCS-1000WIP Address:
D-Link DCS-2530L cameraIP Address:
D-Link DCS-5020LIP Address:
D-Link DCS-5025L cameraIP Address:
D-Link DCS-5030L cameraIP Address:
D-Link DCS-930LIP Address:
D-Link DCS-935L cameraIP Address:
D-Link DCS-936L cameraIP Address:
D-Link DCW615RIP Address:
D-Link DCW725IP Address:
D-Link DDR2200-CLIP Address:
D-Link DDW2600IP Address:
D-Link DDW2602IP Address:
D-Link Deskpoint WirelessIP Address:
D-Link DFL-1600 firewallIP Address: